Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Always a spectacular view indeed--Indian men shitting in the open!!

Its a glorious sight indeed to see a raunchy ethnic man, with their sarong or loin cloth hunched up above their waist, squatting with their hairy bum wide display out in public, squatting and delivering their warm gooey brown shit in and around railway tracks or bushes... 'lungi utha, aur gaand utha ke hagne baith ja'

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Pics from a follower! A body that deserves to be loved in every way!!

He needs to be devoured, his body needs to be worshiped! That sexy, smooth, 'glistening in ecstasy' body needs to be loved... the wonderfully sculpted tattooes are beautifully designed! You can't help but envy the guy whose hands and sketches designed that athletic, hairless body!
One look at his gaping hole and you smack your lips, you crave for tasting the inner crevices of his man pussy! the arousing smell of his butt hole is enough to drive you crazy, to give you an instant hard on! ah! bliss! but before you go down, you have those succulent nipples deserving to be licked, kissed, sucked and wonder if they could release some milk, some nectar ! like the juicy warm milky semen ejaculating from his manhood! and the beautifully tattooed navel area..don't miss the chance of playing it with your tongue too!!

Sit on me baby!!

Yeah baby, sit on my rod and ram it up and down! pump it harder! let me hear you moan with pain and pleasure!! 
taange faila kar baith ja meri jaan, gaand khol aur ghusa le andar mera lund!! chod meri lund ko, faad de apni gaand!!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Fucking in the water!

Oh yeah baby, fuck me harder, fuck me deep! i love this feeling of coldness in the water along with your thrusts, fuck my hole, make me cum in the water...oh yeaa yeaaa yeaaa, fuck the shit out of me!! chod de mujhe laude, teri ma ki bund baja de, gaand phaad de meri aaj, ...

Friday, 6 February 2015

Getting fucked by a raunchy, construction worker!

I came across this pic, of a sturdy village ethnic man roaming around the streets. I always crave for such men. Men who are rough, dark, hairy, abusive and filthy to the core. I have noticed (personal encounters!) and as well, have heard from many other gay friends of mine that they make up for an excellent hardcore fucker in bed! Dirty smelly sweat filled body ramming up your body, hungrily biting you all over, thrusting his two fingers inside your butt crack untill you scream and beg for him to stop! his smelly, sweat stained groin, smegma filled penis, smelling of urine is enough to give you an instant hard on!! He turns you over, into doggy style, rims your ass deeper, lubricates it with his saliva, rubs his monster cock in and around your butt crack and thrusts it forcefully! you moan, you scream, ask him to stop, he slaps your butt! his filthy slangs never stops while he fucks you deeper, his glans cock head touching your g-spot with his every thrust..untill he cums inside you, your ass filled with his white warm semen, he fucks the shit out of you!!

janwar kahin ka, chod de mujhe, chuchi daba ke kaat, apne daaton se mere mammo ko kaat le, tere jism ke pasine ki badboo mujhe pagal kar rahi hai, kitne dino se nahi nahaya tune? tere laude ki bas mere gaand mein khujle macha rahi hai, chaat de meri gaand chodu, faand de mujhe bhadwe, chod chod ke mere gaand ke andar tera maal bhad de madarchod...kutiya bana ke chod mujhe, tere badboo dar kaache ko muh me laga ke suunkoo, chaatu mai, aur tu mujhe randi ki tarah pel de...

Can you resist?

waking up early morning with a big throbbing erection, while your friend lying next to you with his ass up in the air,pointing at you, inviting you to rip his boxers apart, pull it down and thrust your monster inside his warm, gooey fuzzy ass hole and wake him up from his slumber sleep!