Saturday, 26 July 2014

Raghu's obsession with my shitty butt hole!

Raghu has been working as a servant in our house past 7 yrs, he lives with us. Almost like a family member. He's married, his wife and kids live in his hometown. We have had sex several times, and everytime since the past few months, i have noticed his obsession with my ass which drives me crazy at times. He is raunchy, filthy, even dirty to the extent when it comes to playing with my ass. He loves watching me taking a dump every morning squatting in the indian lavatory, he likes to clean my butt crack with his own hands after i am done shitting. Sometimes he would like to poke his fingers up inside my gooey shitty hole and finger fuck me for a long time before cleaning and washing away the mess. Just the other day, when i was done with my morning ablutions while he was watching me stark naked stroking his already erect dick from above his pants, he suddenly unzipped his fly, came to me and said 'I want to fuck your ass before cleaning', i said 'But, it's all dirty and shitty, how'd u do that?', he said 'I love it that way bhaiyya'. So i obliged. So, while i was still covered with the smeared smelly shit, he asked me to bend over, raised one of my leg and placed it on the handle bar and entered me. It went smoothly, of course, who would need lube when its already slimy inside!! His 8'' hard erect dick almost reached the core of my ass hole as soon as he thrust it inside, and his strokes started hitting the crevices of my scrotum after a while( now for those who are unaware, that's the area which is the G spot for men who enjoys anal intercourse)
After a while he took out his dick, which was filled with the gooey stuffs, even his pubic hairs were all smashed up with the brown yellow stuff, he asked me to sit on his shit filled dick, while he lied on his back over the wet bathroom floor, he asked me if i would like to shit some more while raming my ass up and down his dick shaft. Well, already his fucks and his hard strokes probably drained all the shit out of my ass hole, so there was nothing much left to come out while i pushed my butt crack out. He was stroking wildly and abusing me verbally. Now that's something we both enjoy while having sex. Dirty talk while one fucks the other. Of course, in our mother tongue, which is hindi.

Raghu : 'Behn de laude, kaisa haage hai be tu, lag raha hai gaand nahi chuut chod raha hu mai' (It feels like i am fucking a pussy instead of an ass)

Raghu : 'saale kal raat ko nahi chod paya tha tere ko, do peg whiskey daal ke saala itna nasha chad gaya ke lund khada hi nahi huwa, tu kya kiya fir? baingan daal ke apni gaand marwaayi ya fir ungli karke hi muth maar liya?' ( i was drunk so much last night with 2 pegs of whiskey, couldn't even get an erection, what did u do last night? got urself fucked with a veggie or fingered ur ass while jerking off?')

me : 'mai to bas tere baare mei soch soch ke muth maar liya, kaise tu mujhe chodta hai, kabhi ulta lita ke, kabhi ghodi bana ke, kabhi khade khade ek taang hawe mei latka ke kaise mujhe chod ta hai, wahi soch soch ke mai jhad gaya' ( i just thought of u, the way u fuck my ass hole, in lying, in doggy, while standing and raising one of my legs up in the air, just thought about you and i came out)

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

indian men shitting!

Indian men at their raunchiest, sexiest best! indian men shitting roadside

Friday, 11 July 2014

locals in lungis!!

Pics taken at a roadside dhaba (restaurant) with some local people (labourers mostly) sitting in bunch chatting and fondling their forever itching crotch from above their lungis, its an arousing view most of the time to see these men squat at the roadside, taking their lund (dick) out and peeing, or rub their crotch or groin which gets mostly wet with the sweat from their hard work. How fascinating it'd be to get a small glimpse of their dick from their inner wears which are always in full view when they sit on a stool ot chair with their lungis rolled above knee length!!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Fuck untill u bleed!!

This might look gross or scary, but i know few guys, few bottom friends of mine, who are so much into this raw, hard, painful fuck that they enjoy being fucked till the point that it rips and tores their butt crack, also if u r high on poppers, weeds or some such drugs that put you into a heightened state, you can't enjoy anything less than a brutal fuck!! I just heard one of my friend saying the other day 'my boyfriend loves to do it really raw, he will put me into doggy, lift one of my leg, and thrust his monster dick way up inside my non lubricated hole, and its an awesome feeling to watch my butt zone smeared with blood, dripping cum and the gooey stuff post the fuck'

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Forest Fuck !

Most of us must have this desire to 'do' it all out in the open, when no one's in and around the vicinity. Getting fucked or fucking your partner amidst the nature, a much better, far away spot from the public eye or the city would have meant this couple getting all naked, lying on the ground and doing 'it', but seems like they were in a hurry to make it quick, so the top one opens up his zip, flying his dick hard, possibly lubricating his partner with saliva and thrusting it inside the raw, rough ass hole and cum out..

Sucking Lund !!

Big, hairy, sardar ji sucking a white lund... wish he was all naked, would have been a pleasure to get a peek-a-boo at his hairy masculine man hole...