Saturday, 6 September 2014

Gay sex positions!

Select the one that satisfies you the most, for active members...the one that makes you feel the deeper insides of the hot slimy ass hole,the one that urges you to fuck more and more and breed deep inside, and for paasive partners...the ones that enables you to feel the dick strike your g-spot, your rectum, making you moan and cum in pleasure!!

What's stuffed up there in the ass???

What if there's no one around to thrust their hard rock cock up against your slimy ass hole, and the tiring act of fingering yourself in and out! How about a banana instead!!! :)
Lund nahi hai gaand mei daalne ke liye, gaand ki khujli jyaadi badh gayi ho to kela daal do!! gaand mei danda na sahi, kela to hai!!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Shakti Kapoor

Now who on earth (in his sane state of mind!) wouldn't like to get brutally raped by this sturdy villain! His abuses and slangs would double the fun! I am sure he his hiding his monster cock underneath that blue lace of a cloth!